Governing Documents

Please see the files below for the all the Governing Documents of the Association.  The Board is making them available on this page so you will have them all in one place.

This are the documents that the Board will always refer back to in operating the Association.  Things to remember are:

Articles of Incorporation allow the Association to exist.

Bylaws state how the business of the Association will be handled.

The Declaration (CC&Rs) tell us how the HOA properties and homes will be taken care of.

Rules, regulations, and policies cover the things that may be unique to the HOA or have legally changed and the Association has to address them.

All of this constitutes your Governing Documents and are part of what you agreed to live by when you moved into Willow Park Village.  If you cannot find the answer to what you are looking for, please feel free to contact Junction Property Management through any of the options on the Contact Us page.

WPV articles     Declaration      WPV Bylaws     1st Amendment to the Bylaws

WPV Solar Device Policy     WPV Rain Harvesting Policy     WPV Flag Display Policy     WPV Religious Item Policy     WPV Email Registration Policy      WPV Collection Policy     WPV Recording and Posting Policy     WPV Meeting Notice Policy     WPV Election Policy